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British fashion rankings Ray-Ban sunglasses to catch up with many big names

Mention of fashion,Fake Ray Bans ¬†maybe you will think of Chanel, Prada and other luxury brand first, but according to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported 23, once a year in the UK Fake Ray Bans¬†CoolBrands rankings, Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) (Chanel), Chanel Sunglasses with Prada (Prada), Alexander McCune (Alexander McQueen) and other big names, among the best in fashion in.
The fashion brand rankings, Ray Bans UK Online apple won the title, is the second largest luxury car Aston Martin (Aston Martin), followed by the top five are the Rolex (Rolex), Nike (Nike) and the Glastonbury Music Festival (Glastonbury Festival). In the fashion section, glasses brand Ray-Ban ranked 11 in the rankings to catch up with the top ranked Chanel, Prada ranked 14, and ranked Alexander McCune in the top 13.
CoolBrands selection committee chairman Stephen Cheliotis pointed out that the strong return of fashion brands, including sports and music brand more compelling”. Last year’s list, the Department Store Selfridges and Searl Liberty (Selfridges), Ray Ban Sunglasses UK and Vogue magazine ranked the top 20 this year, but no trace. Fake Ray Bans In the 2011 CoolBrands rankings, Ray-Ban also ranked above Chanel.

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As the first folding of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster series, the unique structural design allows it to maintain a stylish minimalist look when folded. The six hinge Sunglasses make feet set, feet and bridge of the nose frame can be folded.
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) the first folding party Master (Clubmaster Folding) has sunglasses in the global market in September, the sale of four colors: bright black and bright tortoiseshell acetate acetate collocation gold frame; opaque black mirror frame and silver acetate collocation, Daimao color collocation bronze frame. If you are a fan of classics and trends, Clubmaster Folding is the one that meets all your needs!